Hey guys, this is part two of the bug out bag series. And what we’re talking about today is the actual bag itself. Okay? Now, I’ve watched a gazillion videos, where people, you know, have these huge bags with a million things in it, or they had these tiny little bags with, again, a million things in it, but, but they’re missing the most critical things like for shelter, they’ll have like a couple of garbage bags or something.

And it’s like, yeah, that’s, that’s true. You can, you know, you know, take a few of those together. And, you know, whatever, you know, tie it off to, you know, some branches and, you know, protect yourself from the rain and stuff like that. But it’s like, you know, they don’t have anything to sleep on. A lot of times, the only thing they have to sleep on is one of those emergency blankets that’s like, you know, green on one side and silver on the other.

And if you’ve ever tried to sleep on one of those on the ground, You’re not getting any sleep and the idea of a bug out bag is it’s a hostile situation you have to leave your house and you may be getting pursued, you know, so it’s like okay, do I want to get no sleep and be exhausted. So the most important thing and I mentioned this the last video is you need shelter, and you need food. Okay, the other things like starting a fire, a knife, a flashlight, first aid kit, those you should have on you all the time. So that’s not necessarily in your bug out bag.

If you want to double up on that, that’s fine you can but I’m telling you how to do this cheaply. But now because it is a potentially hostile situation where you have to take your bug out bag and go. It’s you know, invasion for more. It’s, you know, an EMP and everybody wants when you’ve got it zombie apocalypse, whatever it is.

If you have a bug out bag, that looks like a bug out bag. Like it’s got military crap on it, or it’s got patches on it, or, you know, it’s camouflage to color, or, you know, it’s a big bag and it’s got a, you know, a tent on the bottom and a sleeping bag hanging off of it and, you know, an axon and things like that. Guess what, you now make yourself a target and you have nothing, because they’re going to take your crap and they might take your life, right?

So what you want to have is a backpack that basically looks like you’re going to the gym or you’re going to school, okay? You don’t want to have anything on the outside of it other than maybe a water bottle, like a Smart Water bottle or whatever. And this is going to be a separate topic, but you know, as far as self defense goes, if somebody wants to take your stuff, if you are carrying a sidearm, okay, let’s say it’s a Glock, whatever.

There’s a podcast I was listening to where in another country there was you know, everybody was going crazy. The economy collapsed. And this guy was a proper, and he had a gun with him inside of his jacket. And he was walking and he had a backpack on. And four guys approached him. And they said, Give us your backpack. Now. What’s your hope you realize, too, that for him to reach in and pull out his gun when these there’s four guys and they’re basically circling him. For him to pull out that gun. He might shoot one he might get really lucky and shoot two, but they’re going to be on him and they’re going to kill him. Right? Because it’s close quarters.

So instead, he had a little machete and he just acted Crazy and started swinging it around and you know he said he almost cut off from guys arm when he like tried to reach or something and they were like you know what screw this is not worth it and they left him alone. So if you’re thinking about self defense, which I suggest you do okay in the last video I just talked about age, shelter and food are the only things you need your bug out bag, but maybe on you as an EDC should have a firearm, and if somebody is approaching you, you don’t wait until they’re so close that you’re like hey, you know, I can’t pull out my gun.

You have your gun in your pocket, maybe with your hand on your gun and you start backing up as they get closer and you say you know, whatever tough threatening phrase you can come up with an order let him know that you mean business. Okay?

But if you don’t have a firearm or you’re anti guns, which it’s kind of hard to imagine somebody watching prepping videos of the anti gun but like You are then you better have something else, whether it’s mace, whether it’s a police baton or whatever, but I will tell you this, a gun pointed at somebody will most likely keep you out of trouble. versus if you have, you know, a bat or something like that. You’re going to have to bludgeon somebody to death it’s going to be a lot more violent than if you just made a gun to them and say back off.

Right. So that’s, that’s my little mini rant towards guns or guns are good at for the for good guys. Okay, so, so I have a bag that’s neutral. I have a bag that’s not too big. Don’t overstuff your bag with a ton of crap. The tea bag that I mentioned in the last videos, it’s like three pounds and it’s about this big about this big around. It will fit in the bottom of your bag and it’s probably in an average backpack is probably going to fill up half So, you know, your sleeping pad if you do the one I mentioned is about size of a good size sandwich. And then you’re sleeping I’m sorry, your tarp is going to be very small.

So that’s your shelter and then you know for food and for cookware if you’re if you’re going to have cookware you know, that really doesn’t take up too much space but that’s gonna that’s gonna be the rest of it. Okay, so another thing to think about when it comes to your bug out bag is a lot of people talk about fire, fire fire, you know, fire is number one thing keeps you warm, blah, blah, blah. But here’s one of the things to consider is a bug out bag is different than going camping. Where Hey, I got separated from my group I got lost. And you know, I need to make a fire to single people and to stay warm and all that stuff right?

A bug out bag is for the scenario where it’s a potentially hostile situation where you need to get out of dodge and you don’t want to be seen. So if you get to the woods to camp out and you decide, hey, let’s make a fire Guess what? Anyone within a mile of us going to see you and smell you. You just alerted them.

So think Hunger Games, you know, the first thing the girl says, Oh, yeah, first thing you do is make a fire and Woody Harrelson character says yeah, if you want to die, that that’s what you know, killed so and so. You know, first night she got out there she made a fire and they knew where she was and they killed her.

So you should have a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad and a tarp that will keep you warm and dry. Okay, um, one of the things that I think you should throw in your bug out bag, by the way is a pair of dry wool socks because if all of your clothes get wet, Because of bad weather falling in a lake, whatever. Being able to strip down and get into your dry sleeping bag and have on wool socks will make a world of difference for your self esteem and fighting hypothermia and everything else.

So that’s it for this video. I hope you like it. If you want more videos like this, as well as tools and tips and tricks, make sure you go to Chicagoprepper.com

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